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Buy L$ here without Creditcard!

scegliere la quantità preferita in L$, e pagare velocemente attraverso il filo di trasferimento, Visa, Mastercard o Paysafecard. Non hai bisogno di una carta di credito a tutti. Questo sito è interamente in lingua inglese. Avete domande o commenti? Chiedi l'aiuto di un agente di DX.

Fare clic su questo link per teletrasportarsi direttamente al nostro Capo DXexchange Office.

Update Reseller Program

Update 01-07-2015

DXexchange has decided to continue its services as long as formally allowed by Linden Lab.

"Linden Lab has changed its mind earlier".

We will concentrate our services to our existing customer base and have decided not to accept new customers. It's the best way to service our loyal customers.

We ensure the customers can withdraw their L$ easily at our ATMs as we can freely buy extra L$ until July 1st. After that we have to see how LL has responded to the many protests.

We keep you posted about what we do after July 1st.